May 23, 2012

Camp-versations with the Mascot

With summer right around the corner, the Mascot's excitement about camp is nearing a fever pitch. A couple of weeks ago, he had the opportunity to spend an afternoon in a local park with some MPC counselors and campers. On our way home from the reunion, I took the opportunity to grill him about exactly what he loves about camp. Some of his answers were really surprising (he looks *forward* to cabin clean-up?) and some were exactly as I would have answered them 25 years ago (except we called grilled cheese "chilled grease", the charming young ladies that we were).

How many years have you gone to Pioneer Camp? Two
Are you looking forward to #3? Yeah, buddy!
Were you scared the first time you went? Kinda, but then I made some friends and it was OK. 
When do you start getting ready for camp? We make a list and then I start packing few weeks before I leave so that I don't forget anything.
What are your camp essentials? Books, camo clothing, and a water bottle. The water bottle is a must.
Is there anything that you can't take? Electronics
Do you miss your computer, video games, etc when you're at camp? Nope. There is so much fun stuff to do there that I forget about them. When I get home, I go "Oh, yeah...cell phones...."
What are your favourite things about Pioneer Camp? Meeting new people, and the food.
The food? Really? What's your all-time favourite camp meal? The epic fish-fry we had on Cash Island.
Was there anything you didn't like? Salad and something called "Thanksgiving Leftovers". It was sketchy. It wasn't even leftovers - they just called it that!
What is your best camp memory? Cliff diving on my first canoe trip. 
Worst camp memory? Year 2, canoeing in a storm. The weather sucked on that trip.
Anything else you would like tell new campers? You have to sing if you get a package or 3 pieces of mail at the same time. :rolls eyes:
Describe your perfect day. OK!

The Mascot's Perfect Day at Camp
Wake up early, chill in cabin, no morning dip.
Breakfast - hard boiled eggs, cereal (Rice Krispies with brown sugar), orange juice
Watch skits in dining hall.
Cabin clean-up (if your cabin wins you get awesome prizes, like pie!)
Canoeing lessons - soloing is the best.
Bible study. (What? Really?) "There is no way out of bible study!"
Wilderness studies, especially fire because you get to cook stuff.
Lunch - grilled cheese and tomato soup
Rest hour, reading in cabin.
Clubs. Comic book club was the bomb.
Free swim in the lake, then an activity like archery.
Dinner - Pasta and Jello. (Really? Jello?) Yeah, buddy!
Evening program, maybe a game like Royal Roll.
Bedtime snack. It's usually dessert-y, but one time we had nachos.
Songs and stories in Bill Mason Place, then we brush our teeth and head to bed.

I have to admit, that does sound like a perfect day (despite the lack of crafts and a trip to the camp tuck shop). If you want to give your kid their perfect* camp experience in an incredible lake setting, I highly recommend that you check out Manitoba Pioneer Camp. The smallest of the camps in the inter-varsity family, MPC takes advantage of its surroundings with a wide variety of programs - from the "classic" boys and girls 1 and 2 week camps, to specialty camps, such as fishing camp, a co-ed sailing camp, an LIT program, and longer, more extensive (5-20 day) tripping/wilderness camps. To check out the 2012 schedule and a description of the different camps, please visit the MPC website.

I have posted a link to this contest before, but here's another chance to enter for your chance to win a session at Manitoba Pioneer Camp PLUS a trip for two to Punta Cana. (Why should the kids have all of the fun??)

...and if horses are more your kid's thing, Circle Square Ranch is also offering a chance to win a session at camp for the kids, plus a trip to Punta Cana for you! Click here to enter! Giddy up!

I am proud to be an ambassador and alumni of Manitoba Pioneer Camp!
This post has been compensated; however, all opinions are sincere and all my own. 

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