March 12, 2012

Feeling the Dove Love

A few weeks ago, I came across the "Real Canadian Hair Challenge" contest on Dove's Facebook page. I just happened to have a recent photo of my oft-challenged hair on my iPod, so I whipped up a quick mini-essay and entered on a whim.

I had almost put it out of my head, until I received a call from Dove informing me that they loved my entry and I had been selected as a finalist for the grand prize! All I would have to do to make it through "the finals" was an interview via Skype, after which they would make their big decision.

Well, that interview was this morning and, despite some last-minute jitters, I am happy to report that I have emerged unscathed. Actually, better than that, I came out of it quite pleased. I think I answered the questions well, and I know that I was having a helluva good hair day, but above it all, the whole thing was  rather FUN. We talked about hair, the weather...and how the weather determines whether or not my hair will behave. (It is, after all, called the Real Canadian Hair Challenge.)

Even if I don't win the grand prize, it was kinda neat to get to this stage in the contest and see the process from the entrant's perspective. And, what is the prize? A session with stylist Mark Townsend that will air live on Breakfast Television, plus a stay at the Fort Garry for me and 3 friends on the night before. (The hair session will take place at 10 Spa starting at 5am, so they want to make sure that we're there bright and early.)

The grand prize is worth $3000, but I think the value is more intrinsic. If I can have fun, get my hair done by a "celebrity stylist", and be the poster child for curly-girls for a little while, then I will definitely feel like a winner. In fact, after this morning, I already do.

(And, if you are wondering how I got my curls to look like this today... I used Dove Nutritive Therapy shampoo and conditioner and let it dry naturally. Love!)

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