March 9, 2012

Day 9 - Red

If questioned, I will not admit to ever saying this, but with the recent purchase of my big, fluffy red heart, I may have reached the limit of how many pillows will fit on my bed. 

I'll admit it, the heart is just this side of twee, but it is so, so soft and the perfect shade of red and I found it for only $4 on a post-Valentine's Day clearance table. The 15 year old girl inside me had to, had to, HAD TO have it and, as anyone who has ever dealt with a 15 year old girl knows, there was just no saying "no".

The other pillows on the bed are a very *ahem* sensible mix of pillows-for-sleeping, pillows-for-propping, pillows-for-tossing and one long body pillow (in a sturdy Ralph Lauren vintage-inspired floral print) that keeps me from falling through the bars of my iron headboard. 

And exactly how many pillows are there on my bed? 15. Don't judge.

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