March 26, 2012

Day 26 - Key

Tucked safely inside this magnetic "Key Holder" is the spare key for my Grandpa Harold's truck. I found it, and the "holder", in my Nana's sewing box, which I inherited a couple of years ago, and they've lived on my fridge since then.

I actually don't remember that much about my grandfather, but many of the memories that I do have seem to involve his truck. There was nothing special about the truck - it was just a plain old brown pick-up - but there was something about sitting in the middle of that bench seat between my grandparents that was so novel to me. It was a whole other world from that vantage point.

Plus, riding in my grandpa's truck usually meant that there would be a trip to A&W or Domo "We jump to the pump!" Gas in my immediate future. That was pretty exciting stuff back then.

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