December 6, 2011

Christmas Stalking - day 6

It just wouldn't be Christmas without a roaring fire...on the television. You would think that we would get tired of watching it, but we haven't yet; it's actually more soothing than boring. (And, to be honest, beats the heck out of most of the stuff on the other channels anyway.)

Here in Winnipeg, we have quite an assortment of free TV fireplaces to gather 'round, from the classic roaring fire to a rather uninspired electric version. There's even one on MTS that includes snacks, however you might find yourself with an unusually strong craving for popcorn and a hot, festive beverage. And, depending on the version that you have on, there's always the chance that "the hand" will make an appearance to stoke the fire, or add a log.

Remember, wood piles are for chumps! To get started, do a search on YouTube or check your local cable provider for a free holiday blaze. Or, if you prefer to take your yule log with you... yes, Virginia, there is an app for that.

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