December 2, 2011

Christmas Stalking - day 2

Every year, I make one (ONE!) Christmas music purchase. For the past, oh, I dunno, 8 years, I've taken the easy way out and picked up a Starbucks holiday sampler to go with my venti Christmas Blend. This year, however, I am taking an even easier route to holiday tuney goodness and downloading the new She & Him Christmas album from the iTunes.

If you've seen "Elf", then you already know that Zooey Dechanel's sweet voice goes together with Christmas songs like cookies go with milk (or like Kahlua goes with milk, for that matter.) Like the movie, this new CD, also features one of my most-favourite songs - Baby, It's Cold Outside. This time around, though, Zooey and bandmate M Ward give the song a little Hank Williams flavour (and a fun twist...who says the boy has to be the one doing all the wooing?)

You can pick up or download the CD in all of the usual places, or on the official She & Him website

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