December 23, 2011

Christmas Stalking - day 23

They say that when it comes to Christmas, there are four stages in life: you believe in Santa, you don't believe in Santa, you are Santa, and you look like Santa. Although the members of our household fall into the second and third groups, we both make a concerted effort to appear that we're in stage one. (The mascot learned pretty early on that the longer you believe, the more presents you get.)

That's why one of our most firmly-held traditions is putting out a snack (and a letter) for Santa on Christmas Eve. Notice how I didn't say "putting out cookies and milk" on Christmas eve? Santa gets better than that at our place. Sure, some years he gets cookies, but milk? P'shaw!

This year, the *ahem* Man-in-red will be enjoying some of this:

...a little bit of this:

...and one of these:

On second thought, maybe two of those.

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