December 21, 2011

Christmas Stalking - day 21

Last night, the mascot and I took part in another of our holiday traditions - watching the SNL Christmas Special. I think we've seen most of the sketches multiple times, but they still make us howl. From Mr Mainway's Bag o' Glass on the Consumer Probe show, to Robert Goulet falling off a roof, to Justin Timberlake dressed up as soup; it just doesn't get tired. And, of course, there was Gilly.

I'll be the first to admit, besides last night's SNL and The Flintstones' Christmas Special* the night before, we are way behind on our holiday tv and movie watching. I did manage to catch most of The Family Stone the other day, but we still haven't watched Miracle on 34th St., Sound of Music**,  and (can you believe it??) Love, Actually. 

*Don't get me started.
**A quick search on Netflix for Sound of Music brought up something called Sound of Mumbai instead. This could be a problem.

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