March 11, 2011

The Minions of Craftiness

What comes to mind when I say the word “minion”?

This guy?

Or, these guys?

Well, it’s time to change that. From now on, when you hear “minion”, think crafty minion”.

Tomorrow will mark my debut as a Crafty Minion and, I gotta say, I’m getting kinda (really!) excited. From 11-5, I’ll be setting up a table in Aqua Books (alongside some of Winnipeg’s coolest crafters) at one of the city’s premiere handmade events. In addition to the shopping, music will be provided by Songwriter-in-Residence Jenny Berkel, and Eat! Bistro will be open (and serving up platefuls of fabulousness).

Visit the event Facebook page for more details and photos. Aqua Books is located at 274 Garry Street. Admission to the sale is free!

From the Aqua Books website:

Crafty Minions - The Handmade and Vintage Sale

23 vendors and music by Songwriter-in-Residence Jenny Berkel

One of Winnipeg's biggest indie craft sales features the city's hottest established and emerging crafty superstars including Head in the Oven Creations, Marathon 1981, Lady Tees, Just the Goods, Julrei, Midkid, Paper Girl Productions, Mrs. Glockenheimen, Velvet Vixen , Tumanov Regalia, Inspyred Creations, Dizzie Dame, Hello Goddess, Boomerang 360, Velvet Jeanie , Of Course You Can, Echo Creations, CJ Tennant, Husavik, Sea Bee, and more. Banish all thoughts of rows and rows of crocheted slippers or washcloths or ponybead key chains...think, instead, vintage-inspired handmade dresses, leather and ribbon wrist corsets, funky jewelry made of vintage silverware, tiny ceramic apartment buildings and octopus tentacles, retro aprons hand-embroidered with sassy 80s pop lyrics, handmade natural skincare luxuries, wall-art created from bass strings and recycled children's books, silk-screened courier bags and babywear, weird and wonderful stuffed animal-ish creations of all sorts, and much more. This is the new world of gorgeous guerilla DIY craft, right here at Aqua Books.
It's never too early to begin your holiday shopping, it's never the wrong time to pick up something completely unique and beautiful for yourself, and it's always the right time to support local artisans and crafters, and maybe even become inspired yourself.

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