March 21, 2011


I am thrilled to report that the two pieces that I donated to MAWA raised $170 at the auction; "As the ocean..." went for $100 and "In Her Position" (oddly, the larger of the two) went for $70, both to the same lucky bider. I am so happy that they will be going to a good home!

My collage and ACEO were just two of over 150 artworks up for auction. Some of the works by better-known artists went for hundreds and hundreds of dollars and the bidding got to be quite frenzied on those. I got caught up in some of the excitement and bid on two paintings. I gave up on the first one when it hit $120, but won my second (and fave of the two) for only $60. It is an unmounted watercolour by local artist Jessica MacCormack and will add a charming, slightly-subversive touch to our living room.

In other news, if I never see another cupcake again...


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