February 1, 2011

Day 1...the start of something Geek.

Today's challenge is in 4 parts: (to paraphrase) invite, add, interact and introduce. I will strike them off as I complete them.

1. invite at least three people to the blog challenge
2. add the Girl Geek Winnipeg Challenge badge
3. visit the blogs of other people who have signed up and leave comments
4. write a post describing your reasons for blogging

Well, since I'm here, I might as well start at the bottom and work my way up. I started blogging on Live Journal several years ago because, as they say, "all the kids were doing it". My first blog has since been deleted, mostly because it documented a very painful time in my life and, through the process of blogging about it, I've been able to leave all of that behind me. I also felt that blogging on such an intimate level was actually becoming a detriment to my personal (and potentially professional) life. I guess you could say that I decided to be less of an open-book and more of a reference-book.

Once I left the uber-personal stuff behind, I started blogging about a few topics that hold a great deal of interest for me (besides myself, of course) - ecology, cooking and living the life craftastic. I suppose I could have combined all three topics into one blog, but I chose to divide it up so that people who were interested in, say, vegetarian chili recipes wouldn't have to sort through entries about upcycled bulletin boards or polluted lakes just to get to them. There's no escaping hearing about me, my brilliant son (aka "the mascot") or my wonderful fella (aka "the fella"), though, no matter which of my blogs you go to. (Sorry!)

To counter all of that self-absorbedness (it's a word, I swear!), I also write for the handmade shopping blog, Try Handmade. And I only talk about myself a little...


  1. I look forward to reading about all your exploits as the challenge unfolds!

  2. I started blogging on diary-x but I missed the totally self-indulgent stuff from those days. That's why I created A Dynamic Life. I have niche blogs, too but they don't quite mean as much to me as this one. It's just way too much fun.

  3. I have a one size fits all blog, and believe me, one size covers it allllll! much like my pants...