February 9, 2011


I just used the word "frothy" in a new and surprising way (for me). "Can we put a rush on this? So-and-so is starting to get frothy."

Even though it is an existing word, it takes on a whole new level of, well...froth when used to describe the lather* that So-and-so is getting herself in while she waits for the object in question. I'm not sure that froth/frothy/frothing is generally used in this alternative context, but the person who I was speaking to at the time knew *exactly* what I meant. Add that to the Bectionary!

Interesting to note: I usually use "frothy" to describe big wedding dresses and fancy, blended cocktails.

*Oooh! Lather is a good one, too.


  1. Yumm, frothy makes me think of steamed milk in a latte.

  2. I like this use of Frothy! My step-sister calls herself "Dusty" when she's looking unkempt. LOL.

  3. MMMMM.... I might have to get out of bed and make a frothy latte!