February 18, 2011

Denim Hipster

It's been a while since I shared a tutorial...so long, in fact, that I can't remember what the last one was. A scarf? A necklace? Either way, I figure we're due for another one. And, by coincidence, my weekly blog challenge is to post a "tute". Ain't it funny how things work out like that...

This project came about after I had removed the legs from a pair of jeans (to repurpose into a yoga mat bag and two purses). I had used one of the pockets on my mat bag and was left with the second pocket and waistband. 15 minutes or so later, I had a handy pouch to hold my Blackberry and ID!

1. cut pocket area from pre-loved jeans, leaving a 1” flap along the top edge and cutting close to the edge of the sides and bottom of the pocket itself.
2. cut-off waistband. (I like to leave a few frayed-bits/threads, but you may trim these off.)
3. decide where on the band you would like your pocket. (I have placed mine about 8” from one of the ends.) With a seam ripper, open the bottom edge of the waist band seam – about 1” wider than the top width of your pocket.
4. insert the flap of denim that you left at the top of the pocket into the opening in the waistband and pin into place. (Make sure that the top of the pocket front is not tucked into the opening!)
5. top-stitch through the waistband and pocket flap, following the original line of stitching.
6. embellish pocket as desired with buttons, pins, paint, studs…
7. Note: I like to wear mine quite low on my hips, but if your waistband is much larger than your hips, or you want to wear it higher, feel free to add additional buttons or a buckle to fasten.


  1. I want one but I don't wanna make it. I'm not so crafty. Am I on your list to make something for someone in 2011? :)

  2. Hmmm...I think your little buddy is...

    Maybe we can work out a trade: baked goods for sewn goods?

  3. Oh, how cute is this? I don't think I could pull this off but I'll bet my sister could. I'm thinking it would make a great surprise gift!

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