January 31, 2011

Girl Geek Winnipeg Blog Challenge

With the holidays WELL behind us and the new year WELL underway, I have decided to quit making excuses and give my blog(s) a much-needed kick in the ass.

How so, you ask? With the Girl Geek Winnipeg Blog Challenge, of course.

I have never done a blog challenge, but this one caught my eye because it's local AND it's a Girl Geek event, so you know it'll be fun. (Speaking of fun, I am *still* trying to make it out to one of their dinners...)

Watch this space as the challenge unfolds!

1 comment:

  1. Great! Looking forward to reading more about it! Glad to see someone is working with Trish on this :)

    I was going to go to the most recent Geek Girl dinner myself but then New Media Manitoba held a video podcasting session that same night! Blah, conflicts suck. Next time!

    Jill Lampi
    Winnipeg Internet Marketing Strategist