January 11, 2011

I'm baaaaack!

Can you believe that I went three whole weeks without as much as a "Hi", "Hello" or "Hey look at this!"? I know I can't! My little blog-cation was part of my unplanned, but much needed semi-break from not only the internets, but from from crafting in general.

Save for a couple projects around the house, I have been on a little glue stick hiatus (even during my last two shifts at Mozy Rue) and, I gotta admit...it feels pretty good. The 2010 Holiday craft sale season really took it out of me, both physically and mentally. A girl can only handle so many late nights (and all-nights) before she starts to crack. Yup, a rest definitely did me some good

I suppose it's time to get back to it, though. Both the crafting AND the blogging. In addition to the ongoing stock at Mozy Rue, I have a couple shows to get ready for, including my first Crafty Minions sale in March. I'm also going to see if I can breathe some life into my oft-neglected Etsy shop and perhaps explore a couple new retail options. That is if I can remember where I put my glue sticks...

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