August 18, 2010

Ready for My Close-up

I just dropped off 5 new pillows to the "Everything is ticketyboo!" shop-within-a-shop at the Mozy Rue ECO Collective and just in time, too; my section desperately needed a shot of colour (much in the same way that I could use a shot of gin right about now). I was down to greys, beiges, and more greys, so in went a green Moog, a brown Smokey the Bear, a brown "Gimme My Timmies*", a yellow Bob Marley and a red Sonic the Hedgehog. Fair warning - they're all exclusive to the store for one week, and then they'll go up in my Etsy shop. (So, go get 'em!)

And, speaking of the store (and why i could use some gin, thanks for asking), Jody and I did an interview with Shaw TV which will air in the very near future. I think I spazzed out (especially during the demo), but we'll could still be saved in the editing. The interviewer seemed ok with it, though, and might give me a call sometime for a piece on my stuff. I offered to take her on a hunt for treasure, which I think would make for some very exciting reality TV, don't you?

(*no, can have your Timmies. I've got my 'bucks.)

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