August 19, 2010

Does this banner make my butt look fat?

To go along with the exciting* changes to our Etsy shops, I figured I would create a little excitement* of my own and design a new shop banner. What do you think?

Back when I joined Etsy, it was as a buyer rather than a seller. At the time, I chose my username based on my email address. It's been fine for the year or so that I have been a seller, but now that I have registered "Everything is ticketyboo!" as my official business name, I feel that there is potential for some confusion; especially now that the brick and mortar store is open and I am trying to formally brand the business.

So, rather than start over with a new username (and zero sales/feedback), I have decided to integrate the "ticketyboo" name through my shop graphics, packaging and communication. I've seen other people do a similar thing and I don't forsee a problem. It's not like either name is all that common anyway...and yes, you can still call *me* zenbecca.

* Excitement is relative. As this is a slow news week, I am genuinely excited by this. Ask me next week, though, and I might just respond with a "meh".

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