October 2, 2013

Making a Splash

Thirty minutes before the start of my Aqua Zumba class, I was sitting in my car in the rec centre parking lot, trying to think up a plausable reason NOT to go. After 15 minutes, I decided to put all of my fears* aside and go inside. Gulp.

Once I was out on the pool deck, though, I realized that I was just being silly. The nine other gals who were assembled were having a conversation about bounce-testing their bathing suits. They were all in groups of twos and threes, but I managed to slip myself into the group and joined in on the giggles. This would be fun....right?

Right. But it wasn't just fun, it was FUN. Like, laugh-out-loud, splashy, silly, OMG fun.

The instructor did all of the moves on dry land (sometimes with the help of a chair), and all that we had to do was follow along. Or, at least, make our very best attempt. (It was our first class, after all.)

After many, many laughs, and a darn good workout, our 45 minutes were over. And, had there been a hot-tub in close proximity, we would've kept the party going.

*was I going to fall out of my bathing suit top and/or drown.

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