October 7, 2013

Good things come in big and small packages.

Friday: I have this thing about entering raffles...especially when they are for a good cause. Since I wasn't planning to participate in the Run for the Cure, I bought a few tickets for a raffle at the CIBC in Winnipeg Square. (That's practically the same thing, right?)

Anyway, I was just minding my own on Friday afternoon and, out of the blue (pink?), I got a call from a very nice lady telling me that they had made the draw and I had won! I went down right after work and picked up my prize - a very lovely pearl and silver bracelet (value:$110). How awesome is that?

Saturday: Christmas came a little early for us this year. Hot on the heels of her own kitchen reno, my mom sent us a brand new fridge! It's a GE bottom-mount and it is COOL. Both literally and figuritively.

The only thing "wrong" with it, according to the Mascot, is it's lack of giant cardboard box. Apparently, when he heard that we were getting a new fridge, he started fantasizing about making a box-fort. (I am assuming that, for boys, box-forts are fun at any age.)

Sunday: Two of my favourite things are pie and pizza. One of my favourite people is my friend Heather. On Sunday, my friend Heather had me over and fed me pie and pizza. In that order. She is the best.

In the words of the Mascot, "That Heather is quite a dame." That she is, kiddo. That she is.

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