October 30, 2013

Bloody Nails!

This year, thanks to some horribly-timed dental work, I won't be dressing up for Halloween. Instead, I have decided to let my nails have all the fun with some spooktacular (and super-easy) nail art.

To create this slightly-gross, but work-appropriate, look, you'll need: black and blood-red polish, nail polish remover and q-tips, and your favourite base coat and top coat.

Step 1: after your base coat has dried, apply two solid coats of black polish and allow to dry. (My fave is Essie's "Licorice". It's jet, jet black and covers completely in two coats.)

Step 2: choose which nail (or nails) you want to "bleed" and remove some of the polish with remover on a q-tip. I chose to remove all along the nail tip and down in a random, drippy shape.

Step 3: add your red polish by dabbing a well-loaded brush into the bare area of your nail(s). You want to fill in the space with a thick, even coat. (It should look like blood dripping, not a weird french manicure.)

Step 4: let the red polish dry before adding a nice glossy topcoat to all nails.

Step 5: admire your horrifying handiwork.

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