March 9, 2010

A promise is a promise!

Here is the memo board that I made for the Winnipeg Habitat for Humanity ReStore "Recreate" art show/auction. For this project, a bunch of local artists (including me) were asked to find something at the ReStore with "upcycling potential". With a $20 merchandise credit in hand, and the mascot in tow, I scoured the store and came up with a boring white melamine cabinet door, a couple of pulls and a can of green paint. Yawn. I took it home to pretty-it-up and, after dipping into my stash of vintage goodies, I came up with this:

I painted the recessed center of the door with magnetized paint so that it could be used as a memo board, gave the whole thing a couple coats of fresh green paint and then went to work with the collage around the outer frame. There's all sorts of good stuff on there - vintage greeting and bingo cards, a page from a 1950s Winnipeg postal code directory, a vintage dictionary page, an old pattern envelope and some new decorative paper. I think it's super-cute, but I'm still nervous about it selling. Or, rather, NOT selling. :fingers crossed:

The show kicks off with a wine & cheese party tomorrow night and then it's open to the public until Saturday. Full details here - ReCreate: a ReStore Art Sale

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