March 19, 2010

Art for MAWA

These are the two pieces that I have donated to the MAWA auction. I am very happy with the way both of them turned out and parting with them was very hard. :sigh: The sacrifices that we must make...

The first piece is a triptych collage that I made from all sorts of good shizzle, including a vintage pattern envelope and a vintage mother's day card from my "secret special stash". It's funny, though, I didn't realize until I had finished it that one of my contributions to last year's MAWA show was a lady in a yellow dress. Hmmm. Oh, and the quote is a favourite of mine from Mae West. If you ever want to read some good "lady quotes', Google Mae West. She was one sassy dame.

My second piece makes use of a bird skull (yes, a REAL one) that I have been hanging onto for almost 2 years. I was playing with it one day, and it just sorta "found" this picture of Buffy Saint Marie. I don't want to go into the signifigance of the piece as a whole or why I did what with what, but I will say that I love it ever so much. The piece of map under the picture is from a vintage Texaco map of North Dakota that I am using bit-by-bit. Nothing goes to waste! The title of the piece "She Used to Wanna Be a Ballerina", incedentally, is the title of a Buffy Saint Marie album from the 70s.

Both pieces will be up for auction this Sunday at the MAWA "Over the Top" event. The proceeds from the auction go to programming at MAWA (Mentoring Artists for Women's Art).

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