January 12, 2010

Making a Comeback

One of my resolutions for 2010 is to tidy-up (and keep-up) my Etsy shop. Unlike a "brick & mortar" store that requires cleaning and re-merchandising to keep it fresh, an online shop stays in the same condition all the time. But, is that a good thing? Broken links, stale product listings and out-of-season offerings can be the death of an e-store. My own Etsy shop was suffering from a little neglect - we're almost two weeks into January and I was still advertising stocking-stuffers. That's about as appealing as a brown Christmas tree dropping needles on the carpet!

So, I've rolled up my sleeves and started brushing-away the virtual cobwebs. First on my list - get some new listings up! I've added 3 new upcycled t-shirt pillows:

...and 2 new altered Altoids tins:

And, yes, the stocking stuffers are gone. Go see for yourself! My Etsy shop.

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