January 8, 2010

Button, button...

....who's got the button? Me! In fact, I have lots of buttons. Check out this awesome cuff bracelet that my mom (aka Mumji) made for me:

Isn't it fabulous? It reminds me of something Molly Ringwald's character in Pretty In Pink would have worn...or maybe even Coco Chanel (had she been into upcycling).

It's such a simple concept, really, but the beauty is in the execution. You take a handful of buttons and sew them to a wrist-sized loop of elastic; white for light buttons, black for dark buttons. And, as tedious as sewing-on buttons is, the more you can fit on there, the better...so, suck it up and keep stitching.

This is an awesome way to use up all the odd buttons in your collection, but who are we fooling? It's an even better excuse to go digging through those button bins at the vintage shop or notions store.

Love it! And I love my Mumji for taking the time (and risking countless needle-pokes) to make it for me.


  1. Love it.... I have both elastic(black and white) along with a small ton o buttons... now I just have to find the needle and thread. Will let you know when I have the beaded, button one done I have been working on. (Too many holiday interuptions.... ) So cool!

  2. I'm going to get started making one of these!