March 1, 2009

New word for the Bectionary - Procraftstinate

v. pro·crafts·ti·nat·ed, pro·crafts·ti·nat·ing, pro·crafts·ti·nates
- To put off crafting, especially out of habitual carelessness or laziness.
- To needlessly postpone or delay the production of crafts.

I swear, I started the day with the best of intentions. Pottery class, then groceries, then a quick lunch, and then a full-on sewfest. It went more like this: pottery class, groceries, lunch, nap, hang out with boyfriend, lecture son about leaving major homework projects to the last minute, help son with essay, help son Google and print pictures off the internet, make dinner, build and decorate son's Heritage Fair project backboard, trim/mount/ink son's project photos and verbiage for aformentioned project, race to complete Heritage Fair project by son's bedtime, and then blogblogblog because it's too late to sew now anyway. Pfft. Tomorrow night better be mine.

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