March 19, 2009

I heart my dad.

Hooray for my hero - my dad! Less than two weeks after having a kidney removed (seriously!), he was on the hunt for an especially elusive brand of dollar-store dominos for me...and found them! Now I can complete my fabulous altered domino project (which really seems insignificant when compared to...say...having a nephrectomy, but whatevs) and go on to great fame and fortune (also insignificant, but we can't go comparing everything to cancer now, can we?)

The "domino project" is part of my latest attempt to bring new, fresh crafty-craft stuff to the Winnipeg handmade scene. My goal is to make a whole pile of them in time for an upcoming craft show (that I have yet to be accepted for...small detail). If they sell well, then I will make a whole pile more. What's a whole pile? 560. Wish me luck! (Edit: my dad was only able to score like 6 boxes, so the hunt continues...)

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