June 25, 2013

New Bike Smell

Ok, so where did we leave off? Right. The bike ride home.

It should be noted at this point that during the entire time my bike was in the shop, I was obsessed with the idea of buying a newer, lighter, shinier bike. I had it narrowed down to exactly two: a Raleigh Sprite and a Brodie something-or-other that, let’s face it, I could NOT afford.

It should also be noted that I live a half-block away from Lifesport Cycle.

So, in the interest of getting to the point, approximately 2 minutes after getting home, I was in Lifesport looking at pretty bikes. After a quick loop around the store and a look at all of my options, the owner casually mentioned that he “might have a Raleigh Sprite in the basement.” Eeeee!

There was one failed attempt to find it, but then it appeared as if by magic… and in pieces, fresh out of the box.

“We can have it ready for you tomorrow.”

“Can you have it ready for me tonight?” (The next day was Bike to Work day and I NEEDED a perfectly functioning – ok, cool – bicycle.)

“No problem… I’ll just get so-and-so here to put it together for you. Come back at 7:30?”


Less than two hours later, I was riding her home (in a torrential rainstorm!) If it hadn’t been raining so hard, I would have taken her around the block around all the blocks. But, the next day, I had the chance to ride her to City Hall (stopping at at least four Bike to Work Day “Pit Stops” along the way) , take her to an after work party at the Forks, and then take her shopping in Osborne Village.

Oh, and her name, by the way, is Norma Jean.


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