April 1, 2013

Day 1 - Play

I won this nifty little Bluetooth speaker and $30 in iTunes cards in a raffle tonight, but they almost didn't come home with me.

After all the numbers had been drawn and most of the prizes had been claimed, two baskets remained. After several "going, going" calls, they announced that they would redraw for the remaining prizes. Great...except I had already thrown my non-winning tickets in the trash.

With valuable merchandise and gift certificates on the line, this was no time for pride. I marched over to the garbage can, reached in, brushed aside some noodles (oh, god, I hope they were noodles), fished out my 4 strips of (soggy) tickets, and made it back to our table in time to hear one of my numbers called!

In addition to the speaker and iTunes cards (I gave one to the Mascot), I won some cellphone accessories and two $25 gift certs to spend at Rudy's and Black Pearl Coffee.

Well played!

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