March 18, 2013

(Sn)over the Top!

Looking out my window right now, it’s hard to believe that the first day of spring is just two days away. (For those of you not in Winnipeg, it’s a freaking winter wonderland out there!)

Usually, my first day of spring coincides with MAWA’s annual Over-the-Top art auction and cupcake party. Every year, we stand outside and enjoy the warm temps while munching cupcakes and waiting for the much-anticipated raffle.
This year, however, it was anything but warm. It was COLD. And SNOWING. And did I mention the cold? By the numbers, it was a full 36 degrees COLDER than last year. What the heck?
BUT, frigid temps aside; it was, as always, a lovely event. Undeterred by the cold, a bazillion people came out to bid on 153 pieces of art and eat dozens and dozens of cupcakes.
The two pieces that I had in the show, “An Extraordinary Woman” and “Three Little Houses”, sold for $90 and $110, respectively, and my Oreo cupcakes were a hit. (At least, I assume they were, as there were none left by the time I got there around 3:30pm.)
Our only disappointment was a silent-auction shut-out, but we can’t win every year, right?
I am already planning next year’s art… and next year’s cupcakes!

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