December 14, 2012

It's Beginning to Smell a Lot Like Christmas

My first job after my maternity leave was a part-time gig at The Body Shop in West Edmonton Mall. It was crazy and frantic and set me up for a little "career" with TBS that spanned across 3 provinces.

That first Christmas, though, was probably the craziest. Our store was tiny and packed ALL THE TIME. Once you were assigned to a section, you stayed right there. Two steps to the left, two steps to the right, and maybe one step forward, if you were lucky. Even turning around was sometimes impossible.

It was there that I got hooked on the Satsuma fragrance. At the time, you could only get Satsuma soap, bubble bath, and perfume oil, which we would add to the unscented massage oil* and lotion. (The line has since been expanded to include all sorts of stuff, including the TBS favourite, Body Butter.)

Keeping with my holiday tradition, I treated myself to a BIG bottle of the Satsuma shower gel the other day. Now I finally feel like it's Christmas. Without having to endlessly stack bars of glycerin soap and deal with the crazed shoppers, of course.

*Insider tip: have the unscented massage oil scented with 1/2 Satsuma and 1/2 Vanilla perfume oil. It smells exactly like a Creamsicle!

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