December 13, 2012

12 days of Awesome

One of the Mascot's favourite Christmas traditions has always been the advent calendar, but the older he gets, the less exciting it is to open the little cardboard door to find a crappy piece of "chocolaty candy". Last year, we splurged on the Kinder calendar, but to his surprise, only one of the 24 days contained an actual Kinder Surprise Egg. The remaining 23 days were just tiny Kinder chocolates.

This year, I went all-out on a homemade countdown calendar. From today until the 24th, the kid will get to open a little bag containing a sweet surprise; everything from Clodhoppers to Lik-m-Aid to Teddy Grahams.

But, don't tell him, k? It is supposed to be a surprise, after all..

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