October 20, 2010

String Bling

After much fanfare (not that much) and a sneak peek that garnered hundreds of comments (just the one…hi, Andee!), I am ready (bursting!) to reveal one of the items from my new line. As the ever-astute Andee guessed, it’s a pair of earrings!

What Andee didn’t mention, however, was that they were made from my signature t-shirt “spaghetti”. Like the shirts that they were made from, they’re soft, colourful, comfortable and timeless...and carb-free!

The entire collection is made up of one-of-a-kind necklaces, chokers and earrings. In addition to the t-shirt spaghetti, I have used metal chains and findings, vintage game pieces, dressmakers measuring tapes, hardware and found objects. Like me, they're a little quirky, a little edgy and a lot of fun.

The line will be making its big debut at the “Bling” jewelry and accessories sale at the Franco-Manitoban on Sunday, November 14th. Can’t wait!

(Incidentally, the earrings pictured above came from a vintage, tie-dyed Jimi Hendrix shirt. The rest of the shirt will soon be made into a super, squooshy pillow! If I can put down my jewelry pliers longe enough to get behind my sewing machine again...)


  1. the typewriter stamp looks great!!
    and so do the earrings :)

  2. Thanks! I have the matching rub-ons to use on the earring/necklace racks, too.

    ...and thanks! We are going to have such an awesome variety of stuff in our booth!

  3. oh yeah! the booth will be rocking with our awesomeness!!!!