October 18, 2010

Eat, Play, Craft

You would think that the promise (or threat) of craft lessons at a museum would be a hard-sell for a 13 year old boy, but once you throw brunch into the deal, any talk of basket-weaving can be slipped-in without garnering any protest what-so-ever.

On Sunday morning, the mascot and I attended “Made by You” at the Danalvert Museum. Hosting the event were our lovely friends from the Manitoba Crafts Museum and they did a fantastic job of putting together a fun morning of good food and hands-on demos.

After chowing down on fresh fruit, cheese and pastries, the mascot and I tried our hands at basketry (above), wet-felting (below) and Sashiko embroidery. (Well, the mascot did everything except the embroidery. It’s nearly impossible to hold a needle and cram mini-cinnamon buns and garlic sausage into your mouth.)

We really enjoyed all of the crafts that we tried, but the wet-felting was a stand-out for the mascot. I think we will definitely be doing that one again on our own. Other than the inexpensive bags of wool roving, all you need is bubblewrap, a boot tray, dish soap and hot water. In less than 30 mins of rolling, squeezing and rubbing (oooh!), you’ve got a piece of OOAK felt, which can be cut, sewn or just used as-is. I’m thinking hot-pads or coasters for Xmas gifts….

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