June 29, 2010

Small Changes

I can't tell you how excited I am about moving into our new shop on south Osborne. I stopped in there this past Sunday to scope out my space and I have to admit I have thought about little else since. Right now, it’s just 8’ of blank, white wall, but in less than two weeks it’ll be full of Tickety-goodness. My mind is literally swirling with ideas – frames, desks, stands, baskets, shelves, drawers – it’s getting rather crowded up there!

In preparation for the “big move”, I am doing a little general tidying-up and rearranging. Since purchasing my domain name, I have had ticketyboo.ca redirecting to my Etsy shop. Now, as of today, it brings you right here to the blog. There are a couple of reasons for the switch, but it’s mostly just to make it easier for people to contact me and keep up on what’s new and exciting. Plus, with most of my energy going into the collective for the next 6 months, I won’t be updating my Etsy shop as often. (Not that I have been lately anyway, but that’s a whole other story…)


  1. Very cool that you're opening shop in my old stomping grounds. I practically LIVED in Osbourne Village. Is Des Arts still there?!?!

    You will have to post pics when you get it all tickity boo!

  2. We're actually going to be a little further down Osborne...in the stretch between Confusion Corner and Jubilee.

    Desart is still in the village, but they’ve taken over the old Basil’s restaurant space. Still as cool as ever, though! ;-) I love that the Village has kept its vibe…you would still feel right at home!