June 15, 2010

Re:mix Re:cap

I must've been flying high after the Stitch & Bitch because I totally forgot to come back here and blog about how it went.

In a word: great! We had about a dozen S&B'ers out for the afternoon and fun was had by all. It was a really mixed group and I think everyone really got into it. They all left with a completed project*, so that's something! In a fabulous show of support, my good friend Ruth and her daughter came out and cranked out 3 or 4 projects between them. Had they been the only ones there, it would have been a good time, but they turned out to be the proverbial cherries-on-top of a an awesome afternoon.

The event was over at 4, but I ended up staying a little longer to chat with Tracy while she finished off her dress project. While we were talking, I think we may have come up with a plan to have another altered-clothing day in the fall. Fingers crossed!

* I made 2 halters, an empire-waist t, a skirt, a couple necklaces, and a rockin' altered Rolling Stones shirt (which turned out so good that I am going to whip up a few more just like it to sell). All in the interest of demonstrating, of course. ;-)

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