May 11, 2010

Tuesday, Bluesday

It's funny, after spending almost a decade on the wet coast, you would think that a little rain couldn't get me down. You would think. It's raining AGAIN and I can't seem to shake the Tuesday Blues.

So, in the interest of cheering myself up, I give you three things* that made me happy today:

- this Etsy shop: Vantiani So awesome.
- this song: Delphic - "Halcyon" So, so 80s.
- this blog post: Congrats, Brandy! Sew cool!

* besides the funny text-message exchange with my fella, which I am not posting here. Deal with it.


  1. I had no idea you had a blog! I added you to my google reader.

    Yeah the rain can be a real drag. We've finally got some blue skies here, though yesterday was overcaser off and on. At least we're into hoodie weather, finally!

  2. I do have a blog...and two more just like it! (recipes and stuff) and (livin' green and stuff).

    ps...I voted for Sir Indy. What a cute pooch!