March 14, 2014

Spring is... Over the Top!

For some, spring starts when the snow begins to melt and the heavy coats and boots are relegated to the basement closet. For others, spring won’t start until things start greening up and the patios along Corydon re-open. For me, the official, non-negotiable start of spring is the MAWA “Over the Top” Cupcake Party and Auction.

What makes it “Over the Top”? Well, about a thousand cupcakes and a couple hundred of the city’s coolest peeps crammed in a small gallery vying for elbow room and original art.

This is my 5th year donating art and cupcakes to the party and I think it’ll be the best one yet. First of all, I am absolutely smitten with the two pieces that I made for the auction:


And, as always, I am super-excited to make my cupcakes. This year, I am planning a little salted caramel number and something involving Fruit Loops. (Pictures and recipes will be posted on my other blog after the weekend.)

I’m also really looking forward to the party itself… and the raffle! We have been lucky – and I mean REALLY lucky – twice, winning a $1000 camera the first year and a giant gift basket the next. I don’t want to jinx it, but I think we’re going to come home with something again this year. (I’m planning to double up on the raffle tickets, just in case.)

If you are thinking of going, but have heard that it’s a madhouse, have no fear. This year, the cupcakes, the people and the art will still be there, but the gallery space will be expanded to give artists and art buyers more room to mix, mingle and (for lack of a better word) munch. And, if you can't make it on Sunday, or want to get a jump on bidding, MAWA is kicking off the weekend with a birthday party TONIGHT from 5:00-8:00pm. Admission and cake are free, but if you wanna place a bid on any art, you have to buy a $10 ticket to Sunday's event. 

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