January 9, 2014

Life Hack - Hot White Vinegar

Ever use white vinegar to clean your house? Ever use HOT white vinegar? Let me tell ya, it’s the best thing ever.

Last night, I decided to descale my year-old Kuerig machine with, you guessed it, white vinegar. The procedure is dead simple – you fill the tank with vinegar, run it through the machine, then follow with a whole tank of clean water – and well worth the two dollars that you spent on the vinegar. But, two dollars is two dollars and I can’t help feel a little bad pouring it straight down the drain.

As I was standing there waiting for the first cup to “brew”, I dropped a couple of spoonfuls of baking soda down the drain. I chased it with the hot vinegar and stood back to let it do its magic while I pushed the button on my machine for the second cup.

Cup number two ended up on the stove top. I let it stand until it has cooled down enough to mop up with a sponge and, holy cow, did that stuff ever make my white stove top GLEAM.

I ended up using the last cup to give my countertops, toaster, kettle and the exterior surfaces of the Kuerig itself a good wipe-down. Sure, my kitchen smelled like a chip wagon* for the next hour, but it dissipated by bedtime and everything was so darn clean.

With two (three?) jobs, plus a teenager to feed and water, the time that I spend at home is precious. As much as I love a clean house, I want to spend as little time as possible scrubbing and scouring so that I can do more exciting stuff. This little life hack gave me an extra 15 minutes to do my nails. And dream about chips.

*some might see that as a bonus.

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