February 1, 2013

My New Gig

So, Rebecca, we don’t hear a peep from you on your blog for 6 weeks and then, when you finally decide to return, there’s no explanation…just a quick “Oh, hi, hello” and picture of some cold French fries? What gives?

What gives, or what gave, is (was?) all of my free-time. I went from actually having some, to having none.
Gone are my early-morning (post-gym) blogging sessions, my late-morning (pre-gym) “Say Yes to the Dress” mini-marathons, and my afternoon (post- and pre- gym) naps. Oh, how I miss those naps. Do I miss teaching 2-4 classes a day? Ehhh, notsomuch.
I’m not complaining, though. I am having the adventure of a lifetime.
In December, after months of wishing on everything from stars to birthday candles, I was hired to be the new Communications Assistant in the Mayor’s Office. (And, by “in the Mayor’s Office”, I mean IN the Mayor’s Office. My desk is right behind the cool black metal grid-thing that runs along the front of the Council Building.)
So far, it has been a blast. I am working with a great group of people, and I am getting a crash-course in the somewhat wacky world of municipal politics and the media. And I get to write lots. LOTS*. Plus, I am having no trouble meeting my personal mandate of learning something new every day.
I do kinda miss Say Yes to the Dress, though… I kid.
*This could explain why I am somewhat unmotivated to blog/tweet in the evenings. I am out of words!

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