April 5, 2011

Feeling Bookish

I laughed out loud and clapped my hands with glee (well, almost) when I read this week’s Winnipeg Girl Geek Blog Challenge topic. Our mission, should we choose to accept it, is to write about possible book titles for our book, should we ever find ourselves inclined to write one. I don’t know that I would ever actually write a whole book, but it is something that I have given some thought to...especially when it comes to coming up with attention-grabbing titles and sizzling (ha!) plot lines.

“Always the Bride”
A cautionary tale of a girl who got married one too many times.
Chapter 1: “I do!”
Chapter 2: "I did..."
Chapter 3: “I do?”
Chapter 4: “I really don’t.”
Epilogue: "Mulligan?"

“Designated Parent”
A thinly-veiled work of fiction; based on my years living in a townhouse complex in Port Coquitlam, BC. The story would center on a core-group of neighbours who would meet regularly for after-work cocktails and weekend BBQs in the driveway, while their children ran amok throughout the aptly-titled “common areas”. The name comes from our policy that at least one parent had to stay alcohol-free, should one of the kids require emergency medical care or, as was more often the case, we needed someone to do a beer-run. Usually the job of “designated parent” fell to one of the pregnant gals in the group; there was always at least one of those.

“The Secret Ingredient”
My cookbook; named by the Mascot, who insists that the secret ingredient in all of my cooking is love. (It’s not. It’s salt.) Of all of my book ideas, this one is the most feasible, because at some point, I suppose I could just get the recipes on my food-blog “Relish” published. I’m sure that there has to be a market for 30-minute vegetarian/flexitarian recipes that feed 2 to 3 people and use an inordinate number of pots and pans. I would have to come up with a better title, though. No offense, Mascot.

“This Will All Make Perfect Sense Someday”
My apologies to John Mayer for appropriating one of his song-titles. (At least it’s not “Your Body is a Wonderland”!) My dad always wanted to dole out advice, and, in his honour, this’ll be my chance to spread my wisdom to the world. TWAMPSS will cover a wide range of topics and will contain such gems as:
- “Never leave your child anywhere that you wouldn’t leave your purse.” (parenting)
- “Don’t feed your baby in a place that you wouldn’t eat a sandwich.” (breastfeeding)
- “If you figure out what’s causing it, stop immediately.” (pregnancy)
- “Nobody ever got an upgrade in sweatpants.” (air travel)

Of course, these are all hypothetical at best. These days, I can barely finish writing a grocery list, never mind a self-help/how-to,/how-not-to girl’s-guide-to-life. When I do, though, you can bet that it’ll be spell-checked and edited to within an inch of its life and, of course, have a *fabulous* author’s picture on the cover. I’m thinking something along the lines of a Jackie Collins style shot, but with softer focus and bigger shoulder pads...


  1. I'd read any one of those books should you ever slow down long enough to write one.

  2. Maybe I could just dictate it as I go about my day. People like the audio books, right? ;-)

  3. I am sure any of them would be page turners... Get writing girl, that might be what makes you rich!