December 2, 2009

Three & Four down...

This past weekend was a nutty one, sales-wise.

On Friday night, the Etsy gals got together at the Costume Museum for a W.E.S.T. sale. I was expecting to chit-chat with Ruth, Emily and Susan all night, but I was off in a different room. No worries, though...Jill, Melanie and the Jens were there. Not as much gabbing was done, but that was OK because there was lots of selling to do. I was happy to sell a couple mirrors and lots of cards!

Sunday was the much-anticipated Crescentwood Craft Sale. The traffic was somewhat less than I had anticipated (Grey Cup, weather, etc), but I did pretty good. The pins sold well, as did the notepads and mirrors. It was my first time using my new rack (more about that later) and it really made a difference in carded pin sales. In fact, I think 90% of my pins were sold on cards that day. Hmmm...

Other than a fist-full of cash (lol), I came away from the weekend with a renewed appreciation for my little craft posse. They are such incredible, generous, creative women. I am lucky to know them.


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