August 5, 2009

'tis the Season

You know, it's crazy to be thinking of Christmas on a beautiful summer day, but such is the craft-business. Applications for craft sales are starting to come fast and furious now.

The problem is not only choosing which ones to take part in, but coming up with the cash for table fees, etc. Some of them are affordable ($20) and some are rediculous ($50 - 100+) it seems that everyone is asking for a raffle/door prize donation of $10-$30 in value. If I want to do a handful of sales, I'm looking at a couple hundred bucks up front. Whether or not I'll make it back remains to be seen...I guess the only thing I can do is hope for good weather and deep-pocketed shoppers! ;-)

I've only expressed interest in a couple so open house at the Cr8ery and a Christmas sale at the Crescentwood CC. Plus, there's supposed to be an Etsy sale around that time and I might look into doing the one at the Conservatory. The Conservatory one would be good for my new floral art cards...if I ever get around to making them, that is. Hmmm...

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