June 22, 2009

Wow! What a weekend. Friday night was the screening of Handmade Nation at the Ellice Theatre. I was selling my stuff before and after the show and the response was great! I made some great sales, saw some familiar faces, and made some new connections. It's really great to be surrounded by people who share a common interest and passion for art and craft and all things handmade. As an artist and a crafter, it really makes it worthwhile to know that there are people out there who "get" and appreciate my work.

On Saturday, I hosted a Craftacular yard sale at my house. Despite tons of advertising and promotion, the turn-out wasn't quite what we were expecting. We were hoping for good weather and I think we hoped *too* hard. It was a flat-out gorgeous day....and Winnipeggers are very selfish about their nice days. I'm sure the parks were full...my yard, not so much. BUT, that said, I did make a couple bucks and got to spend the day with 5 terriffic girls and 2 awesome guys. And I definitely want to try it again before giving up on the idea.

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